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Name:3 door wardrobe furniture set
Item No:6008
Name:3 Door Wardrobe
MOQ:30 pcs
Furniture:Home Furniture
Material:MDF Board
Surface:PVC Coating
Type:Wooden Wardrobe

Product Description

Products Picture

Also known as door removal wardrobe or "I" integral wardrobe, can be embedded in the wall directly roof as part of the home decoration. It is divided into push-pull wardrobe and push-pull wardrobe: push-pull wardrobe is to put the wardrobe door in the wardrobe, with strong individuality, easy integration, flexibility, relatively durable, clean and convenient, and high space utilization rate; push-pull wardrobe is to put the wardrobe door outside the cabinet body, mostly tailored to the requirements of the elements of the home environment, the space utilization rate is very high.

Generally speaking, push-pull wardrobe gives people a concise and lively feeling, generally suitable for relatively small families, mainly modern Chinese. In modern home decoration, more and more people will choose push-pull wardrobe doors, which are lightweight, easy to use, high space utilization rate and easy to customize. Since entering the market, they have been loved by decoration owners, and have a tendency to replace the traditional flat door.




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